Monday, May 16, 2005

Democracy at it's best

Democratic governments are characterized by the right to protest, to raise awareness and express disconent at current or proposed policies, and therefore ensure that current politics and political culture represent the views and voices of the people that the government is built upon. "For the people, by the people..."
However, electoral politics are not built to represent only the views of the majority party, but a fair and balanced comprimise between all voices in government. The right to filibuster is designed to ensure that the majority party listens to the minority party, rather than running amok with their own policies.
Today, the right to filibuster is at stake. Senator Bill Frist has proposed to block the filibuster on judicial nominees, virtually guaranteeing that the Republican party be able to push through several ultra-conservative judges, who will keep their positions for the duration of their livetimes.
The right to filibuster is not solely a Democratic technique, but has been used by both parties often throughout history. To ban filibusters would permanently cripple Senate protest by the minority party, allowing the majority party to push through legislation without checks.
Please join us today as we "filibuster Frist," holding our own protest to ensure the right to protest.


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