Monday, May 16, 2005

The Great Society

I just read one of my favorite speeches, Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society." It's such an inspiring speech. He speaks of a society in which we're all in it together. Everyone has a responsibility to his neighbor. It's a beautiful idea for government, but it is an idea that is being destroyed by the current administration.

Is it too much to ask that, in America, if you work full-time, you should be able to afford healthcare?
Is it too much to ask that, in America, a child's education will not be just how to take standardized tests, but how to appreciate the wonders of knowledge?
Is it to much to ask that, in America, if we send our soldiers into war, they will be properly equipped?

I'm filibustering because I'm mad that the Republicans (some, not all), are focusing on cheap pandering to their right wing base, instead of passing legislation that will make this country a better place. I'm filibustering because I'm mad as hell that the only thing the Republicans have accomplished this Session is passing bankruptcy legislation that benefits the wealthy and credit card companies. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought the Congress was created to represent the People, not the Corporation. I love America. I love our system of democracy, that has so many opportunities for debate. 217 years of Senate tradition can't be wrong.



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